Monday, October 5, 2009

Consider the Smallest Things

I was walking along a road framed by trees adorned in fire colors.

As I walked, many leaves fell. Each one different, each one on it's own flight path.

I stopped to listen to the shush of wind moving through the branches. Some leaves whispered, some chattered.

A small orange leaf landed on the wet asphalt at my feet. I bent... one human among over 6 billion on this planet, to lift the small thing... and how many of it's kind are there?

One leaf, one human. I had the thought that we are like water, like the sky and earth. We don't really begin or end, we only change. We are not new or old, we just are.. and perhaps by some design a valuable part of something bigger that we cannot possibly understand...

Somewhere there are scientists and philosophers tick-ticking away... getting more questions than answers.

I wondered, why chase it?

It is enough to silently and gracefully wonder and find peace in it... because there is a simple grace in the acceptance.. that we just 'are'.

I set the leaf down where it had fallen, but not exactly how it came to rest. No other human will touch that leaf. No other human may look upon it. It was a 'perfect moment'.. as a friend of mine told me.

I walked on.


  1. Simply beautiful! Everything can be summed up in one line - because there is a simple grace in the acceptance.. that we just 'are'.