Monday, October 19, 2009

Only a Father

A father can give his children no greater gift
than his approval and the encouragement
that his little ones have what it takes and makes
their father proud.

Fathers, love your children. Remember how
much bigger you are. When you walk with them,
walk slower. When you talk to them, stoop to
meet their eyes. When you hold their hand, hold
with gentle strength.

When you discipline, do it out of love. Do not
do so from anger. Remember that your home is
a place where your little ones can fail, and the world
will not eat them alive.

Your spreadsheet is not nearly as important as
the question "Daddy, where does the sun go at
night?". The questions of your children give you
reason to wonder about the origins of heaven's
gate and their eyes are a window to God.

Tell your son he is strong and handsome, tell your
daughter she is smart and pretty. A prince and a princess.

Kiss your sons, play rough with your daughters.
Let them win.

Say to them often... I LOVE YOU.

Let them see you dance with your mate in the kitchen.
Let them see you submit to your mate in love, not
struggle to prove dominance. Real strength lay in the
ability of a man to yield and exercise restraint. The
lion has no quarrel with the lioness.

Let them see you fail, but stand up with grace and
smile. This is your strength. Walk on.

Do not judge them, be slow to anger, quick to understanding.
See the world from their perspective and know that they are
helpless without you. Much of this world can take them away
from you forever. Cherish them alive and messy, not laying
under cold sod with a marble name tag. You will rue the day.

Remember Father... you came from the same beginning.

When you are old and dying, they will return to care for you
and comfort you. And in the very end, yours will be the
kingdom of heaven.


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