Friday, October 2, 2009

One Small Step

For a long time, I was skeptical about blogging and the motivation behind it. Every character you type, every string of information that you send into the cyber sea is out there... forever. You cannot possibly know who will read it, when, why... or if anyone even cares about what you do. I am not here to analyze the efficacy of a blog... or even to garner any kind of validation for what I write. I suppose this is a place for me to 'prattle'... and play with words and ideas. Perhaps some of you (some is presupposing that ANYone would even bother to read this) will find value in what I create, form, plagiarise or otherwise stir up. Some of you, whom I consider friends by virtue of the fact that I invited you to read this, may find this an exercise in ego stroking... or you might think I am just nuts... but it is my intent on bringing you a curiosity, a thought you haven't had before... perhaps motivate you. It is very likely that I will insult you, anger you... offend or even cause you to want to poison me. In sum, I do this to entertain... you... or myself. So if you have a few minutes now and then that you'd like to burn away forever from your life clock.... come and walk with me awhile.

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